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Lonely Planet Announcement

When Lonely Planet announced Canberra had won third place in their ‘Best in Travel’ list we knew a lot of Australian’s wouldn’t believe them, so we designed a social campaign to convert the naysayers and demonstrate that our Nation’s Capital has some serious personality and flair.

Stationed in a war-room full of content creators and copy writers – and armed with social listening software - we waited for the news to drop before scanning various platforms for negative reactions. When we came across a hater, we responded in kind (kind of) – creating a bespoke meme, or gif that snapped back and stood up for Canberrans. This semi-rogue, conversation-hijacking approach got so much attention it generated its own news with the likes of Pedestrian aggregating the best comebacks from the day.

So Canberra are 3rd on the #Bestintravel list. Another reason to visit! Top bantz coming from their Twitter account today as well #VisitCanberra


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