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Social justice law firm Maurice Blackburn was eager to support the annual Road to Refuge initiative which fights for the rights of refugees. Our challenge was to break down misconceptions and share the emotive story of Fadak Alfayadh (a lawyer who sought asylum from Iraq) in an engaging social-first way.

With no physical assets available to leverage we decided to start from scratch, drawing and then animating her story from childhood right until she began practicing law in Australia. We also used Fadak’s own voice to tell her story. The 40-second, cartoon-style, asset became a central part of the campaign and helped show refugees in a different light.

The cartoon created by One Green Bean brought to life Fadak’s life story in an accessible and compelling manner, that not only highlighted the struggles she’s experienced but more importantly her significant accomplishments and the bravery that defines her journey.

Samuel Butcher, Campaign Director, Road to Refuge

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