Australian of the Day

Client: Commonwealth Bank

Campaign Content Film Greatest Hits PR


To celebrate 36 years as a major sponsor of the Australian of the Year Awards, CommBank embarked on a campaign called Australian of the Day. Every day for eight months, a photo of a different inspiring Australian was posted online and supported via earned, paid and owned media channels. To generate mass media coverage around its conclusion on Australia Day, and bring the images and stories we’d accumulated throughout the campaign to life, we created Australia’s biggest crowdsourced documentary, a short film celebrating the lives of our Australians of the Day, from a unique perspective – their own. We asked over 120 of the Australians of the Day to participate by filming a regular day in their life – driving to work, eating dinner with their family, feeding their pets. Called The Inspiring Story of Us, the 23-minute film was created solely from footage shot by our Australians of the Day, and directed by one of Australia’s most highly respected and acclaimed feature film directors, Gillian Armstrong.