Connected Stories

Client: nbn™ Australia

Film PR


The rollout of the government’s National Broadband Network project to deliver fast broadband across the country has been contentious. With many people unsure of how it could benefit them personally and the media fuelling negative perception, the public was confused and tired of hearing about the nbn™.

We stepped in to help improve the understanding of the nbn™ and the benefits it would bring to our nation by putting our audience at the heart of the campaign.

We decided to take a ‘connected content’ approach to demonstrate the benefits of a better-connected Australia in a relatable manner.

To do this, we surprised our 'GranTechie' sensation, Nonna Paola, with a video call to her distant family in Calabria, Southern Italy. Nonna was a hit with viewers, as the content piece smashed KPIs and even some industry benchmarks within a month of release. The piece also received a viewer rating of 4.97, putting it in the top 2-3% of all seeded Australian content in the past two years.